Think about your home. Are certain areas always too cool or too warm? Is humidity a problem during summer evenings? Have you sometimes wished you could just heat or cool the rooms you spend the most time in rather than heating and cooling your entire house?

If this sounds familiar, an Integrated Zone System might be just what you need. It puts you in charge of your home's comfort allowing you to create the perfect environment for the way you live.

Flexibility is the key

Most traditional heating and cooling systems have one centrally located thermostat controlling the temperature of the entire house. With a Zoning system, your home can be divided into as many as eight different zones depending on its size and the way you live. Each independent zone will have its own zone sensor which will monitor and control the temperature in its area.

As the day progresses, your family lives in different parts of the house. Now you'll be able to program each specific zone to be active or inactive depending on your schedule. For instance, you can set the bedrooms to be inactive during the day while the kitchen and living areas are active.

Come Home To An Integrated Zoning System

Regardless of the configuration of your home, a zoning system can be designed especialy for you. And, it can be done with one central air conditioning system, not multiple units. It will also run so quietly and provide such even and continuous comfort that you'll wonder how you lived without it for so long.

An Integrated Zoning System represents the highest technological achievement in heating and air conditioning. Because of its sophistication it requires a special dealer - a dealer who has been trained in the application, installation and service of zoning systems for the home. Beaufort Air Conditioning is just that type of dealer, one who can handle all your Zoning needs.

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