How Often Should My Heat Pump be Serviced?

Heat pump service in Beaufort SC
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When Was The Last Time Your Heat Pump Was Serviced?

If you’re a homeowner, a heat pump is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in your home. A heat pump unit is economical as it offers a cost-effective alternative to an AC unit and a furnace. It also does not consume ample space in your home, thereby making your house more spacious when compared to other air conditioning alternatives.

Most homeowners often overlook heat pump servicing and maintenance. After purchasing and installing the unit, most people do absolutely nothing to maintain them, creating unwelcome surprises when the units develop technical problems down the road.

Should An HVAC Contractor Service Your Heat Pump?

You need to ensure that your equipment is appropriately maintained by servicing your ac unit’s heat pump to keep it at optimal working condition. This routine will help you save a lot of money to avoid breakdowns and the need to replace your unit. Proper heat pump service will extend your unit’s life-cycle, maintain its efficiency, and help you keep the running costs low.

The operation principle of a heat pump unit is like that of a refrigerator. You can reverse it to cool or heat your home. Just as in a refrigeration system, dust and other particles build up on the working parts with time, thus affecting the performance of the heat pump unit.

The heat pump unit has two parts: indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is the heat pump, and the indoor unit distributes air in the house. The compressor circulates the refrigerant which regulates the heat as it absorbs and releases heat between the two units. Therefore, you are advised to keep these two units free from dust and debris to allow air to flow freely through the heat pump unit.

How Often Should My Heat Pump Be Serviced?

We have an experienced team of heat pump specialists. Through our extensive product and operating knowledge, we recommend that you should service your residential pumps at least once a year, and commercial units should be serviced between two to four times per year, depending on their usage.

However, it is worth noting that different HVAC unit manufacturers have different instructions for the maintenance of their heat pump systems. These instructions should be followed to keep the system operating efficiently at its optimal level.

Can I Clean the Filters, Fans, and Coils Myself?

You should clean your heat pump filters regularly. This is a simple maintenance procedure that all homeowners can do by themselves. You should clean or replace your filters once a month or when a need arises.

When filters, fans, or coils are dirty, they reduce airflow through the heat pump system, thus decreasing its performance and may even damage the compressor. Clean the outdoor coils occasionally to remove dirt. You should also turn off the power and clean the fan on occasion. Also, straighten the fins if they bend.

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Heat Pump Services

You should hire professional technicians to service your heat pump at least once every year. Some of the servicing procedures a professional undertakes include but are not limited to:

    • Diagnosing and sealing duct leakage
    • Testing leakages around flare fittings
    • Inspecting and cleaning fan blades or scrolls
    • Inspecting and cleaning of vanes, filters, and grills
    • Checking indoor and outdoor units to ensure they are level
    • Inspecting and cleaning both condenser and evaporator coils
    • Inspecting voltage, current draw, and any other electrical wires
    • Inspecting indoor and outdoor units to ensure their mounts are intact
    • Performing test runs and checking air on and air off temperatures Get Started
    • Inspecting indoor and outdoor units to ensure there is no unusual sounds or vibrations
    • Inspecting and testing the start/stop sequence as well as the heating/cooling changeover

Making The Decision To Get Your Heat Pump Serviced or Replaced

At Beaufort Air Conditioning, we like to empower our clients to help them care for their heat pump units effectively. For maintenance purposes, our qualified and experienced experts will ensure that your heat pump unit works efficiently throughout its entire life cycle.

Our technicians are very friendly, and a service call to them will leave you with a sense of security and confidence that your unit performs at an optimal level. We also ensure that your family is safe, and you save money with reduced operating costs. For any question or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us. Our HVAC certified representatives are always willing and ready to serve you.

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