Putting on Airs: 7 Reasons an Annual AC Maintenance Cost Is Worth the Expense

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There is nothing like cool air in the summertime. A high-quality AC unit can turn your home from a sweltering sauna to an oasis of refreshment, especially in Southern states like South Carolina where the summers can be brutal.

Cool air does not come without a cost, and in this case, that cost is regular AC maintenance. Many people schedule a yearly checkup with an HVAC service provider to perform this task, but is it worth it?

In a word, yes. There are several reasons to put a yearly AC maintenance appointment on your list of spring cleaning tasks. We will list them for you now.

Keep reading to learn exactly why you need a yearly AC tune-up.

7 Reasons a Yearly AC Maintenance Appointment Is Worth the Money

From money to time, there are all sorts of savings to be had from an annual service contract with an HVAC technician. Here is the full range of reasons you should have one.

1. You Will Save Money on Repairs

A well cared for AC unit is a reliable AC unit. A yearly appointment can catch small problems before they turn into big problems. This justifies the cost of the appointment by saving you the greater cost of giant repairs.

2. You Will Save Money on Energy Costs

This could be reason number one! With regular maintenance, you can keep your AC unit running in tip-top shape. That will increase the unit’s energy efficiency, and that means savings on your energy bills.

3. You Can Extend the Life of Your AC System

When your system is getting repaired constantly, it will stay running longer. Breakdowns beget breakdowns, and regular maintenance avoids those initial breakdowns that spell trouble down the road.

4. It Makes Cleaning Easier

There is deep dirt and dust that only a professional can get at. Once that is out of the way, you can perform small cleanings more easily.

5. Experts Recommend It

Just like Levar Burton on “Reading Rainbow”, you don’t have to take our word for these things. Sources as trustworthy as the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy recommend annual maintenance. Trust the experts, we say.

6. It Is More Convenient

People who don’t schedule annual AC maintenance appointments end up calling technicians throughout the summers as they experience problems. When you schedule a yearly appointment, you get the benefit of scheduling in the spring or fall. In these less busy times, your technician can accommodate your schedule with more flexibility.

7. Your Warranty May Require It

Avoid annual AC maintenance is a slippery slope. Your unit requires repairs, and if you have avoided maintenance enough, the replacement parts you need for those repairs can be hard to come by. That is because many manufacturers require regular maintenance as part of their warranties.

Year-Round Comfort

By now, it is clear that an annual AC maintenance appointment is the best way to care for your home AC unit. You can save money, save time, comply with recommendations and warranties, and extend the life of your system.

It is our goal for you to stay cool throughout the summer and be comfortable throughout the year. Check out our air conditioning services for more information on scheduling yearly AC maintenance.

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