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Airing on the Side of Caution: The Best Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Beaufort Businesses

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Only half of all small businesses make it past their 5-year anniversary. In a recent survey of small business owners, increasing profitability is in the top 3 worries of small business owners. Growing sales and controlling costs are a high priority.

The high cost of energy and need for air conditioning in Beaufort means that keeping your HVAC system in top condition is necessary for business. Commercial HVAC maintenance doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Use our simple checklist to schedule and prioritize service.

Prevention is much less expensive than repair! Read on to learn more.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist 

HVAC use makes up about 60% of all energy use in U.S. commercial buildings.  Use, grease and the elements all take their toll on energy efficiency. However, regular service can keep your units in good condition for a decade or two.

This is a general reference list of tasks. Your individual needs will depend on the age, type, and condition of your equipment. Your location and usage also affect your frequency of maintenance. Ensure your units are located on a solid, flat asphalt or concrete surface.

You or your staff can perform some of these tasks, like external dusting and filter changes. It is more economical to have professionals take care of others.

Every Month

  • Inspect your unit for wear and tear
  • Clean air intakes and check filters
  • Clear dust and debris
  • Check drain pans and lines
  • Test and adjust your thermoset programming

With proper maintenance, some commercial HVAC systems have 20 or more year lifespans, especially in mild climates. Always note your HVAC performance – changes in airflow, sounds, or functions might need professional attention.

Every Quarter

  • Inspect and replace belts as necessary
  • Change the filters (dirty filters can increase energy use by 20% or more)
  • Check refrigerant and fluids for leaks, refill as necessary (this must be handled by a professional)
  • Electrical connections, controls, and thermostats
  • Clean and check coils
  • Fan and blower motor

After each quarterly service, review your HVAC performance with the technician. Start it up, look and listen. If it is not running effectively, discuss this or has performance shortcomings, discuss this with your service technician.

Twice Annually

  • Fall/Winter inspect the heat exchanger 
  • Fall/Winter check the furnace ignition and burner
  • Spring/Summer clean and clear evaporator coil, drip pan, and condensate lines 
  • Spring/Summer clean ducts
  • Lubricate moving parts

A regular program of professional commercial HVAC maintenance ensures that your HVAC system runs efficiently. Inspect, thoroughly clean and make minor repairs before they become major. Remember that this checklist is a general guideline, consult with your equipment manual and a professional for advice.

Control Costs With Careful Maintenance

Commercial HVAC maintenance on a regular basis helps you avoid premature unit replacements and major repairs. It can also help you avoid major inconveniences and productivity losses due to breakdowns. 

Call our experts today. As Beaufort locals, we know how the local climate affects your energy use. Let us show you how a sensible program of equipment maintenance can save you money. 

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