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Why You Should Invest in a Dehumidifier This Summer

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Summer is around the corner. You’re excited about the warm weather and all the fun that comes with it. But you may have forgotten about one inescapable truth about South Carolina’s summers.


Humidity moistens the air, making the environment heavy and damp. You can’t escape it in the Beaufort area, not even in your own home. Once humidity enters, your house becomes soggy, stuffy and uncomfortable. And home should be the one place where you always feel comfortable.

To get rid of the humidity and other potential risks that come with it, consider investing in a dehumidifier.

Doesn’t My Air Conditioning Unit Do That Already?

Yes, the AC unit can dehumidify the house but with limitations. The AC unit is mainly designed to cool the indoor air, not to extract moisture from it. It extracts only some moisture when the wet air runs through the evaporator coil, which separates the liquid from the air. As a result, some humidity is removed from the house but not all.

The size of your AC unit also matters. If the system is small, it doesn’t have enough power to effectively dehumidify the house. If large, the duration of the AC cycle shortens, and the unit switches off before the whole house is free from moisture.

Both types of systems fail in keeping you dry on muggy summer days. Moreover, once you exhaust your unit, you will encounter higher costs on your energy bill.

Live in Comfort With a Dehumidifier This Summer

A dehumidifier compensates for AC systems when they are unable to expel the moisture.

It consists of four components:

  • Fan Compressor – The fan compressor drawn from the room into the machine.
  • Compressor Cooling Coils – The cooling coils extracts the moisture from the airit passes through.
  • Reservoir – The collected moisture drips into the reservoir.
  • Reheater – The air is reheated and expelled back into the house.

‘The dehumidifier functions not only to dehumidify the house, but also control the humidity level which the AC unit cannot do. It comes with a humidistat. Similar to a thermostat identifying the temperature, the humidistat detects your home’s humidity levels and adjusts it accordingly. Controlling the humidity level saturates the cold air around the house, giving you and your family all-around comfort

dehumidifier for preventing mold

Humidity Provides a Perfect Environment for Mold

If humidity is not controlled in the house, it breeds mold which triggers all types of issues, from the smell of mold to mold accumulation in the AC unit.

Mold Carries An Unpleasant Smell

You’re probably familiar with the smell of mold. It is musty, foul, and rancid. Mold produces noxious gases that stink up the house. Soon, as the smell becomes stronger, the environment becomes unbearable.

The properties of these gases prove to be harmful to more than just your nose.They can affect your breathing. As you continue to live in the moldy environment, you inhale these contaminants, making it difficult for you to breathe.

Once you buy a dehumidifier, it improves the air in the environment and decreases the foul smell of mold.

Mold Endangers Your House

The growth of mold weakens the structure of a house. When moisture and a high-temperature mix, it breeds mold. As the mold spreads on a wall, ceiling or basement, it causes structural damage by feeding on the organic matter and breaking it down.

Once the mold issue becomes severe, it leads to significant house repairs, subsequently stressing you out.

Mold Destroys Materialized Property

Mold can accumulate on your clothes, furniture, and carpets. The fibers in these materials provide tiny gaps for mold to grow into. It spreads rapidly, ruining your precious property.

Buying a dehumidifier reduces the level of moisture and high temperature, removing the two essential ingredients for mold production. As a result, it saves your personal property and the structure of your house.

Help lessen Allergies with a Dehumidifier

Don’t Risk Your Health

Health issues arise when mold grabs onto your house.


Mold activates allergic reactions including sneezing, irritated red skin, fever, and runny nose.


Household members with asthma should buy a dehumidifier because the mold exposure infects the respiratory system, and triggers asthma attacks.

Sinus Infections

Due to the toxins contained in mold, it can inflame and swell the nasal passages once household members are exposed. This kind of blockage induces headaches, earaches, facial pain and other troubling symptoms.

By stopping the growth of mold, a dehumidifier lowers the chances of health risks and improves your comfort.

Mold Buildup In Your Air Conditioning

Mold can accumulate in your HVAC system. During the summer, your air conditioning contains more than enough moisture for mold to thrive on. Combined with moisture, the debris inside the air ducts or handler matures into mold. If left untreated for months, the mold becomes a serious issue as it spews out a musty smell around the house while the AC equipment deteriorates. Eventually, you end up paying not only for the cleanup but also repairs if enough damage accrues. Once you start using a dehumidifier along with the AC unit, you won’t feel the need to blast it to its maximum performance which helps minimize the moisture production inside, thus making an inhospitable environment for mold.

Invest In Your Future Comfort

A dehumidifier is not just a product. It’s an investment. Getting a dehumidifier decreases many costs while giving you additional comfort.

A dehumidifier takes the pressure off the air conditioning unit so it can achieve peak performance. It takes a significant amount of load off of the AC unit when a dehumidifier is used simultaneously with it.

A Dehumidifier Saves Money and Energy

Keeping the performance balanced of an AC unit by adding a dehumidifier in your home saves energy. Once the dehumidifier brings down the humidity to a comfortable level, you won’t feel the need to blast the AC, saving energy and money.

Investing in a dehumidifier this summer will give your air conditioning a break from blasting out inefficient performance. But most importantly, it will enhance your comfort on those hot, muggy days.

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