Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces

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Furnaces are the most common method of heating homes in the United States, but heat pumps are growing in popularity due to their money-saving properties. Furnaces generate heat by burning fuel (gas furnace) or with electric heating elements (electric furnace). A heat pump uses heat transfer to move heat into or out of your home, heating or cooling it as needed. When it’s time to install a new HVAC system, choosing between a furnace and a heat pump might feel overwhelming, but knowing the features and benefits of each option can help you make the right choice.

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Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are becoming more popular due to their many advantages over furnaces. The top benefits of choosing a heat pump over a furnace are:

  • It does two jobs – Since heat pumps both heat and cool your home, they do the job of two units. If you’re looking to buy an entirely new system to heat and cool your home, you can save money by getting two-for-one in a heat pump.
  • It costs less to operate – In areas with mild winters, heat pumps are more efficient than furnaces, which saves you money on energy costs.
  • It requires less space – The indoor part of a heat pump does not require much clearance and can sometimes be mounted on the wall. Furnaces, on the other hand, take up a lot of floor space due to a 30” required safety clearance.
  • It’s safer – Since heat pumps do not use combustion to generate heat like a gas furnace, they do not produce carbon monoxide (CO2).

Benefits of Furnaces

Furnaces are not the most common method of heating in the US by accident; they have their own benefits that make them a good option for most homes:

  • They’re better in cold climates – While heat pumps are more efficient overall, their efficiency drops off as the outdoor temperature drops below freezing. Because heat pumps draw heat from the air, they have to work harder the colder it gets. A furnace, on the other hand, is able to keep generating heat regardless of the outside temperature.
  • They’re quieter than heat pumps – When working as it should, a furnace does not make much noise apart from an occasional woosh. Heat pumps make clicking and knocking noises as part of their regular operation.
  • They require less maintenance – Furnaces only have to run during the cold months of the year, but heat pumps run year-round. This means that furnaces only need maintenance performed once per year, while heat pumps should be serviced twice a year.
  • They have a cheaper upfront cost – Although heat pumps are cheaper to run in the right climate, a furnace unit typically costs less upfront.

Which Heating System Is Best for My Home?

The most important consideration when choosing a heating system is the climate in your area. If winters are mild and the temperature does not frequently drop below freezing, a heat pump is the best option to heat your home efficiently. However, if you live in an area with frigid winters where the temperature often stays below freezing, a furnace is the better option. Whichever option you choose, your new unit needs to be professionally sized and installed by a trusted HVAC company.

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