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Is HVAC Zoning Worth It?: The Top Benefits of HVAC Zoning

hvac zoning
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Do you know how HVAC zoning can save you the hassle of having to adjust your thermostats every other time?

How would you feel if the overall energy cost in your home reduced significantly?

According to the US Department of Energy, zoning could help reduce energy costs by 30%. With HVAC zoning, air is directed to only the areas it is required. Therefore, your HVAC unit needs less energy to heat or cool.

Keep reading to find the benefits of HVAC zoning in your home.

What Are The Benefits Of HVAC Zoning?

1. Saves Energy

Your empty rooms don’t need cooling or heating, and with zoning, you save energy and pay less in utility bills. You can take advantage of the different seasons of the year.

Less heating is needed in summer and more in the winter. With HVAC zoning, you save energy by carrying out selective heating and cooling throughout the year. You only need to purchase a quality, energy-efficient HVAC unit for maximum energy savings.

2. Improves the Quality of Indoor Air

Whether it is the ductless system or multi-split HVAC system, zoning separates different parts of your house. Therefore, air doesn’t have to travel through the various areas of your home.

As a result, mold, dust, pollen, dirt and other contaminants won’t spread through your home as would happen with an ordinary system. HVAC zoning helps keep away health conditions like asthma, eye irritation, allergy symptoms, and respiratory problems.

3. Reduces Maintenance Cost

Since you don’t have to cool or heat the entire house at the same time, you need less energy. Thus, maintenance costs are reduced. Only a section of the HVAC system is used each time, and this increases the lifespan of the entire system.

Consider signing up for annual HVAC maintenance to improve the performance of the system and prevent costly repairs.

4. Promotes Comfort

Imagine how chaotic it can be when everyone in the home wants to adjust the temperatures to their individual needs. Arguments will run from the living room to the farthest bedroom. However, with zoning, you can regulate the temperature in one room without affecting the next.

You also get rid of uncomfortably warm and drafty areas of your home. The beauty of using HVAC zoning is that you can regulate the temperatures from your smartphone or computer.

5. Helps Overcome Heat Regulation Challenges in Multi-Story Homes

Air stratification is the most common challenge with owners of multi-story buildings or homes. Warm air is always rising with the cooler air falling. It could be sweltering on the third floor during summer when at the same time, the basement is freezing.  

In such scenarios, zoning is the perfect way to control the temperature. It ensures each part of the house receives adequate conditioned air.

Are You Tired of Your Conventional HVAC System?

Allow the occupants of your house to enjoy their time in whichever section they are in your home through HVAC zoning. You enjoy quality indoor air and save energy by heating and cooling only the rooms in use at a particular time.

Are you tired of your conventional HVAC system? Contact us today for HVAC zoning services at affordable costs.

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