Heat Pump Maintenance in Beaufort, SC

A heat pump is one of the hardest workers in the HVAC universe. It takes care of your comfort year-round, providing heating and cooling, so you don’t need to bother with a separate air conditioner and furnace. Heat pumps offer eco-friendly heating at a highly efficient energy-to-heat conversion rate, so they’re as friendly to your budget as they are to the environment. Like all equipment, they do need to be maintained to ensure optimal performance. Our heat pump experts at Beaufort Heating & Air Conditioning will perform professional tune-ups to keep your heat pump running at its best.

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The Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Annual maintenance prevents large components from breaking down irreparably, so they can save you thousands of dollars across the life span of your unit. Your contractor will perform the replacements required to achieve energy-efficient heating, so tune-ups keep you cozy in winter while keeping your utility bills down. Most importantly, regular maintenance will extend the life span of your unit. Your heat pump can last 10 to 20 years if properly maintained. Annual maintenance can also prevent breakdowns, so you’ll deal with fewer emergencies in the coming season.

Professional maintenance is the best way to keep your system in the best shape. Call (843) 524-0996 to start enjoying the benefits.

Heat pump maintenance involves an inspection of your ducts, blowers, and filters. Our HVAC technicians will also check your coil for obstructions and impending blockages that can cause serious damage if left unattended. We’ll clean your supply register and straighten bent fins, so your heat pump functions as silently as it did on the day you installed it. During a heat pump tune-up, we may also:

  • Repair seal duct leakage
  • Measure your airflow
  • Replenish refrigerant and repair leaks
  • Tighten your electric terminals
  • Reapply your nonconductive coatings
  • Oil your motor and make sure the belts are tight
  • Make sure your thermostat is working as it should.

This way, your pump will function economically, effectively, and efficiently.

Ensure your heat pump is in peak condition with a tune-up from Beaufort Air Conditioning! Call (843) 524-0996 to schedule maintenance.

What's Included in Heat Pump Tune-Ups?

Heating and Air Maintenance Plan

Maintenance should be a routine part of your year, so Beaufort Air Conditioning and Heating has put together a maintenance plan to assure you of flawless service. Our 30-stage maintenance strategy details every element of our tune-up so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re getting comprehensive attention. You won’t have to worry about forgetful staff or sub-standard service. We’ll work through the checklist before each peak season, calibrating your unit so you can face temperature extremes in comfort. 

Why Choose Beaufort Heating & Air Conditioning?

Beaufort Air Conditioning has earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating for our service excellence and trustworthiness. We’ve been serving the South Carolina region for more than three decades, so if there’s anything we understand, it’s Carolina comfort. Our highly skilled technicians do more than just deliver excellent work quality. They offer the utmost transparency, so you can choose what you pay for. We’re adept at sourcing rare brands and components, so if you have an old or imported unit, nobody can care for it better than Beaufort. We charge reasonable prices and always arrive on schedule.

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