Heat Pump Services in the Beaufort, SC Area

In Beaufort, SC, mild winters mean heat pumps are a great option for heating and cooling your home. These HVAC systems do two jobs with one system, and they cost much less to run. If you have a heat pump or are considering one, Beaufort Air Conditioning can help you keep it working well. We offer heat pump installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance so you can capitalize on these efficient systems.

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

A heat pump uses refrigerant to pull heat from your home and pump it outdoors in the summer. This helps to cool your home through the process of heat transfer. In the winter, the process reverses, pulling warmth from the outdoor air and moving it into your home. As long as the temperature does not dip below freezing, this is a highly efficient way to heat and cool a home.

If you’re thinking a heat pump is the right option for heating and cooling your home, Beaufort Air Conditioning is ready to help. Our team can help you choose the right heat pump, then install it for you to ensure it is running well.

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The climate in Beaufort and the surrounding South Carolina communities is perfect for heat pumps. The mild winters allow you to effectively heat your home using outdoor energy, and in the summer you can save money by using a heat pump instead of an air conditioner. If you’re in need of a new HVAC system or need to replace your existing HVAC system, Beaufort Air Conditioning has a team of HVAC contractors who can get the job done. We will help you select a unit that’s sized properly for your home, then install it for you. We will test the system thoroughly to ensure it’s functioning well.

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Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Heat Pump Repairs

If your Beaufort home already has a heat pump, you know how efficient and effective they can be. You need the right team to help keep it running. When you need repair, the team at Beaufort Air Conditioning can help. Some signs that your heat pump may need to be repaired include:

  • Inefficient cooling and heating
  • Freezing or leaking
  • Unusual noises or sounds
  • System won’t turn on

At the first sign of heat pump problems, call Beaufort Air Conditioning. We’re available 7 days a week to get things back up and running. Call (843) 941-7624 or schedule a consultation online to learn more about our heat pump repair services in Beaufort, Port Royal and Bluffton.

Beaufort Air Conditioning has been serving the region for over 30 years. We have a knowledgeable, highly trained team ready to assist you with your heat pump needs. Our technicians know their stuff, and they treat your property with respect. If you have a heat pump or are considering installing one, we’re ready to give you the guidance and services you need.

Schedule heat pump services by calling Beaufort Air Conditioning at (843) 941-7624. You can also contact us online for more information about our heat pump services. We proudly serve Beaufort, Port Royal, and Bluffton, South Carolina.

Why Choose Beaufort Air Conditioning for Heat Pump Services?

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