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A comfortable indoor climate boosts your quality of life more than you might think. We spend a substantial amount of time in our homes, so it’s important that you have a comfortable temperature even when it’s quite cold outside. If your heating system breaks down in the middle of winter, trust in the experts at Beaufort Air Conditioning & Heating for quick and reliable repairs.

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Signs You Need Furnace or Boiler Repair

Signs that You Need Heating Repair

Your furnace, boiler, or other heating unit isn’t infallible, so you’ll likely need a repair at some point. While a total shutdown of your heating system is an obvious sign that something needs to get fixed, it’s important to be able to recognize other signs that you may need a repair:

  • Your utility bills have risen for no apparent reason. A faulty heating unit can consume massive amounts of electricity.
  • Your unit is making banging, whistling, or rattling sounds. This might be a sign of an ignition problem or deteriorated belt. Your unit might also have loose components.
  • You’ve noticed an uptick in dust levels, particularly around your furnace blower. Air pressure problems may be a sign that your ductwork needs attention.  
  • Your heater is emitting an unusual odor. Bacteria and mildew growth can trigger respiratory problems, so treat foul scents as urgent.
  • Your heater is short-cycling or cutting off prematurely. This could indicate an ailing fan motor or heat sensor.
  • Your gas-powered furnace has a yellow flame. This is usually a sign of a clogged burner or poor venting.
  • Your flue is rusty. This occurs when your unit is exposed to moisture via leakage or poor venting.
  • You notice a puddle around your furnace. This could signal a leak or clogged condensate lines.

If you’ve noticed any signs that you need heating repair, don’t hesitate to call our team at (843) 524-0996.

Beaufort Air Conditioning is the proud winner of the Angi Super Service Award. Our team has earned its mettle through many years of dedication.

Our services are underlined by four core principles: transparency, honesty, quality, and dependability. We offer our clients the utmost service excellence because that’s what you deserve. Our technicians are always ready to hit the road, so we’re highly responsive to your needs.

We’re NATE-certified and insured. More importantly, we’ve earned an A+ Rating through The Better Business Bureau. We insist on offering the highest quality services, so you’re assured of 100% satisfaction. Our technicians are heavily trained to work with a long list of HVAC brands. That translates into expert repairs that last.

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