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Learn How to Save More Money on Heating and Air

Beaufort Air Conditioning is committed to helping our customers save money on HVAC equipment, repair, and energy efficiency. One of the ways we work toward that commitment is by arming our customers and web visitors with valuable information on heating and air operation and maintenance as well as discussing products and services that will help them save money. 

This section of our website aims to provide that information and help guide you toward getting the most for less. Below you’ll find pages discussing a number of topics, and we invite you to read through them.

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About Heating & Cooling Systems

This page provides an overview of the most common heating and cooling systems and the mechanics of their operation. Understanding how your system works will help you conduct proper DIY maintenance and troubleshoot some smaller problems without having to call a technician.

Energy Saving Tips

Nobody likes paying the electric bill, but you might be able to ease the pain a bit by committing to using less energy. These tips will help homeowners get the most bang for their buck every month by preventing unnecessary energy waste.

The Energy Star program is a way to help homeowners choose energy-efficient products to reduce the environmental impact of energy waste. Learn about what the Energy Star Rating is, how it is awarded, and more in this article.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is used to measure HVAC equipment’s energy efficiency. Learn about how the rating system works and discover the pros and cons of high SEER rated equipment in this brief overview.

If it seems like your HVAC technician is speaking a foreign language, read this guide to understand the most common heating and air terminology. With an understanding of various industry terms, you’ll be able to communicate with your provider more clearly as well as be able to conduct more precise research on your own.

Consumer Website Links

Here we’ve compiled some external links providing information about various products and manufacturers. Here you can read more about why we recommend certain equipment and brands over others.

pros and cons of high SEER rated equipment in this brief overview.

We offer special financing to qualified buyers, including zero-interest financing. Sometimes it’s easier to take advantage of financing for comprehensive repairs or new system installations. This page contains information about our financing offers.

Here we provide a handy tool that allows you to compare energy usage between two HVAC systems with different SEER Ratings and compare the amount of energy saved over the life of the system. Using this calculator, you can determine whether the higher initial cost of a high SEER system is worth the investment.

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