Energy Saving Resources

Nobody enjoys paying the electric bill. Every month, we consume energy to keep our home’s cool and comfortable and our showers hot. The vast majority of homeowners are paying much more than is necessary to enjoy these comforts, so we want to show you a few products that will save you significant amounts of cash each month by lowering your home’s energy consumption.

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Energy Saving Products

Here are a few products that can help you lower your home’s energy consumption.

By investing in a tankless water heater, many homeowners can save a considerable amount on their monthly energy use. According to, homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water daily can save 24%-34% more energy.

And the advantages of a tankless water heater don’t end with the energy savings. Ever had an abrupt end to a hot shower because your water heater gave up? Because tankless systems heat the water as you use it, you can enjoy hot water even while running multiple showers, the dishwasher, and the washing machine all at the same time.

Smart thermostats are one of the most impactful recent technologies for reducing residential and commercial energy use. These devices allow users to set individualized programs to ensure you don’t waste a single kilowatt hour on unnecessary HVAC operation. Some products even learn your routine and automatically make minor adjustments to save a few extra bucks. For their cost, these devices are a smart investment for any property.

Some manufacturers go above and beyond to deliver energy efficient products to consumers. Below are two companies that Beaufort Heating and Air recommends for their unique commitment to efficiency.

From the time its founder invented the basics of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier has been the world leader in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems. A wholly-owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, Carrier is built upon a legacy of innovation and commitment. Through its market-leading products and solutions, Carrier is continually striving to help people live more comfortable, healthy and productive lives. We proudly stand behind Carrier’s products.

Rheem is a leading global producer of water heaters, central warm air furnaces, and air conditioners, and swimming pool heaters and commercial boilers. The company’s products are used for residential and commercial applications and operate on a variety of fuels. Rheem is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Rheem is the industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions. In fact, Rheem is the only brand with product offerings covering residential and commercial heating, cooling, conventional storage-style water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heating systems, replacement parts and accessories for all categories, making Rheem a one-stop solutions provider.