Residential & Commercial AC Services in Port Royal, SC

Beaufort Air Conditioning is no stranger to the Port Royal, SC area. Since 1980, we have been providing the area with expert HVAC services, including repair, maintenance, and installation services. This includes services for your air conditioning system. Both residential and commercial systems in Port Royal need attention from time to time, and we are here for you when problems arise.

If you’re noticing problems with your home’s cooling systems, don’t wait. Give Beaufort Air Conditioning a call now at (843) 524-0996 for help.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Port Royal

We all know that South Carolina residents experience extremely hot and humid weather! If your air conditioning system breaks down, we know you need help right away. Beaufort Air Conditioning has a team of experienced technicians who can find and repair the problem quickly and efficiently. 

If your system is blowing hot air, has a leak, is not keeping up with your demand, or is making unusual noises, let our team take a look.

Call us today at (843) 524-0996 to schedule AC repair in Port Royal, SC.

Life without an air conditioner is simply not comfortable in Port Royal. When you need a new cooling system, we are ready to assist. We are proud to offer reliable systems that will deliver well for many years.

Whether it’s for your home or business, when you need a new air conditioner, you want it installed by experts. 

In Port Royal, those experts are at Beaufort Air Conditioning. Let us help you find the right system that is properly sized for your building, then install it for you today.

Contact us to learn more about air conditioning installation in Port Royal.

Air Conditioning Installation

Port Royal Air Conditioning Maintenance

To keep your air conditioner working at its best, you need to keep it well maintained. Air conditioning maintenance is one of the many AC services Beaufort Air Conditioning offers to property owners in Port Royal.

During your AC maintenance appointment, we will inspect your air conditioner thoroughly, both inside and outside your property. We have an extensive maintenance checklist we follow, which includes measuring motor current and voltage, lubricating moving parts, and tightening all electrical components. 

We will fine-tune the system, change the filters, and make sure it’s working exactly as it should. We’ll also recommend upcoming repairs that could help you avoid a breakdown.

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In Port Royal, a working air conditioner is a must. If you need help with yours to keep your home or business cool, you need Beaufort Air Conditioning. Our experienced, knowledgeable team will work quickly to get your system running well, so you can enjoy reliable cooling all summer long.

Call us today at (843) 524-0996 to schedule an appointment for your AC repair, maintenance, or installation needs in Port Royal, SC.

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